KY-034 Automatic flashing colorful LED module

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7 color flashing LED module automatically7 color flashing LED module automatically uses 5mm round high-brightness light-emitting diode which has the following characteristics:SpecificationsProduct Type: LEDProduct Model: YB-3120B4PnYG-PMShape: Round LED 5mm DIP typeColor: pink yellow green (high brightness)Lens type: white mistStandard Forward Voltage :3.0-4 .5 V——————————————————————–Example Code——————————————————————-/ *BlinkTurns on an LED on for two second, then off for two second, repeatedly.This example code is in the public domain.* /void setup () {/ / Initialize the digital pin as an output./ / Pin 13 has an LED connected on most Arduino boards:pinMode (13, OUTPUT);}void loop () {digitalWrite (13, HIGH); / / set the LED ondelay (2000); / / wait for a seconddigitalWrite (13, LOW); / / set the LED offdelay (2000); / / wait for a second}

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