PIC 18F4550 MINI USB Demo Board

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The Tiertex PIC18F4550 USB MINI demo board utilises Microchip’s PIC18F4550 microcontroller with 32kb Flash, 2048 bytes of Ram and a host of on board interfaces and modules including full 2.0 USB functionality.

Tiny footprint, overall size 56mm (h) x20mm(w).

Pin compatible with PIC18F4550 PDIP, the 40 pin DIL PIC18F4550.

Programmable on a 40 PIN PIC programmer as a PIC18F4550 device.

ICSP header for direct programming  and debug connection to PICKIT 2 ,PICKIT 3 or similar.

Pre-programmed with Microchip’s USB HID bootoader software.

Inexpensive development or project board providing quick start up solution.
5v Pic alternative to the 3.3v TDSDB146J50.

Mini B USB socket to provide power and USB functionality.

40 pin IC compatible, and pin compatible with the PIC18F4550 PDIP, in a 0.1″x0.6″ allowing for the board to be mounted on strip board or breadboard.

2 LED Port indicators RD2 &, RD3

2 push switches,  Reset and RB2.

Compatible and preloaded with Microchip’s 18F4550 Bootloader Software.

40 pin i/o left unsoldered to provide maximum flexibility for socket/header/wired choice. Other options available, see the Tiertex EBAY shop.

Supplied with separate 2x20pin SIL headers,
1×6 SIL ICSP header.

The SIL headers or connectors
can be soldered either to the top or bottom of the PIC18 demo board allowing for a variety of board connection possabilities.

Simple ‘hello world’ style project demonstrating bootloading is available along with other software projects in the download section of our Tiertex website.

This version of the TDS4550MINI comes with 2×20 SIL pin headers (0.65mm pins) un-soldered onto the board.
And 2×20 SIL pin sockets.

Other connector options available, see Tiertex EBAY Shop for details.

This board does not come with USB lead.

Requires a USB lead with a Mini B connection.

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